When the Job is Done: Cleaning Up After Construction

What’s more exciting than planning a cool renovation of your home, bringing some new features to your house that you have always wanted it to have, or even building a new home entirely from scratch? You could have been planning your mental blueprints for months or even years, dreaming of the perfect home for yourself with all of the custom designs and ideas you have always wanted to do.

You probably have a construction company in mind that you’d like to use, along with a budget in mind and a list written down with all of your very best ideas for your home. It might take awhile depending on what you are having done (especially if you’re building a brand new home), but eventually, the job will be done and it will be time to finally start enjoying that renovation or newly constructed home.

What about cleaning up? A construction job can leave quite the mess behind, and you’re going to want to do some deep cleaning before you let yourself get complacent.

What Needs to Be Done?

There are a few essential steps that should be done when deep cleaning any area after a new construction or renovation job is done. These include:

1. Do a thorough sweep and vacuum of the area. Construction and renovation can leave behind a lot of debris and dirt, so go room by room and try to sweep up and vacuum the floors, walls, and ceiling to make sure you get anything that might have been left behind.

2. Mop up and ensure floors are disinfected. Mop up any hard-surface floors, and disinfect them while you’re at it.

3. Do a wipe-down of any other surfaces. Thoroughly wipe down all other surfaces such as your doorknobs, doors, the baseboards, windows, and anything else you can think of while you’re at it.

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The best part about all of this is that it is simple enough to take on as a DIY project if you think you have the time, but if not, you can always contact post-construction cleaning services burlington teams to give you a hand, finally settling into your newly built or renovated house.